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Think, Shrink and Grow

Get your debt down to size...

Step 1:

Avoid dumb debt

Know the true cost before you borrow

Read more step 1 - avoid dumb debt

Step 2:

Make a repayment plan

Get rid of high interest debt first

Read more about Shrink tip 2

Step 3:

Manage your mortgage

Only borrow what you need and pay it off as fast as you can

Read more about Shrink tip 3


Shrink that debt!

Imagine you owe $3000 on
your credit card and pay it
off at $60 a month.

Increasing you monthly repayments to...


Saves you...

$-- in interest

Avoid dumb debt

The first step is to avoid expensive debt like credit cards and hire purchase.

  • Know your options – there may be a cheaper way to pay
  • Plan to pay off HP within the interest-free period
  • Pay off your credit card in full every month

Help with dumb debt

Credit card guide

Debt calculator

Make a repayment plan

The second step is to make a plan for getting out of the debt you already have.

  • List your debts in order of interest rate
  • Plan to pay off the highest interest first
  • Once that’s paid off, put your repayments onto the debt with the next lowest interest rate… and so on and so on

Help with debt repayment

Managing debt guide

Debt calculator

Manage your mortgage

Mortgage interest rates may be lower than other debt but if you manage your mortgage well you could save thousands over time.

  • Get the right type of mortgage
  • Make your repayments as high as you can afford
  • Review your mortgage regularly

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Shrink your dumb debt

To get sorted, simply...

Think, Shrink and Grow