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Ease your loan stress with a free phone call

1 March

Posted by Beverley Stevens in Managing debt | 0 comments

It can be easy to find yourself in debt but it’s not always easy to find your way out.

A mountain of debt and the stress it creates can have a major impact on your health, relationships and lifestyle.

So, if you feel like it’s all getting out of control, pick up the phone and make a call to Consumer Affair’s new helpline. It’s free and could help you get back on track.

The idea of the 0800 LOAN STRESS (0800 562 678) service is to protect ordinary Kiwis from being preyed on by unscrupulous loan companies. They will listen to your story and let you know if your loan company has acted illegally or irresponsibly. It’s confidential so you are free to confess all your issues without fear of judgment. It’s even free to call from a mobile phone anywhere in New Zealand so there’s no excuse not to take charge. Or visit to find out more before you call.

If Consumer Affairs thinks you’re being treated unfairly they will talk to the loan company and help sort out your issue.

Some of the most common problems with loans are when people get sick or lose their job so they can’t make their payments, and the loan company refuses to reduce them, or a guarantor for a loan doesn’t realise they have to make the payments if they are missed.

The key to avoiding these types of problems is to shop around first. And to make sure you understand the terms and conditions including the fees and charges when signing the loan documents.

But if that horse has already bolted, and you or someone you know is drowning in a mountain of debt that’s causing major stress pick up the phone.

It could be the best phone call you make and help you have a good night’s sleep once more.

Tell us your stories of gaining control of your debt.

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