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For Canterbury residents

If you are one of the thousands of Canterbury residents affected by the earthquakes, you may be under financial pressure, trying to make decisions about things that are difficult to understand and worried about what life is going to look like in the future. (If you are a red zone resident, here’s specific information for you.) If you are feeling overwhelmed by the options and issues you need to think about and not sure what the next step should be or how to manage in the meantime, the following information could help you.

Free financial advice to suit your situation

Repairing or rebuilding, selling or buying? Yet to decide? Are you trying to come to grips with any of these questions and issues?

  • Should I take my insurer’s offer of a cash settlement for my rebuild?
  • I’m nearly 80 – I don’t want to wait three years for my house to be repaired. Should I just sell up, invest the money and rent?
  • I’ve been told my rebuild is at least a year away. What should I do with the EQC payments I’ve received in the meantime?
  • We have two home loans; one on our own home and one on a rental, but now we’re down to one income and living in a munted house. Where do we go from here?”

If any of the above sounds all too familiar, you could benefit from a free one-on-one financial advice session with a qualified, professional financial adviser.

Here's more on the free financial advice available.

Make an appointment today

For a free consultation, simply call the location that suits you:

Location Address Phone numbers
CERA Earthquake Assistance Centre Corner of Breezes and Wainoni Roads, Avondale (at the Avondale Golf Club) 0800 7464 2372
Kaiapoi Earthquake Hub 11 Cass Street, Darnley Square, Kaiapoi 0800 639 000

Read more about the free financial advice consultations in our flyer

Tip: Download or print our flyer to read more about the free financial advice available:

Free professional financial advice for Canterbury residents (PDF 402.96 KB) (6 pages)

Inside you’ll find:

  • Details of the free financial advice that's available
  • Information on how to make an appointment
  • A checklist of things to take to your consultation

Understanding your financial options

Tip: Download or print our booklet for Canterbury residents:

Understanding your financial situation and options (PDF 865.6 KB) (24 pages)

Or you can pick up a copy from the:

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) Earthquake Assistance Centre (at the Avondale Golf Club)

Waimakariri Earthquake Support Service (WESS) drop-in centre at the Kaiapoi Earthquake Hub (Darnley Square, Kaiapoi)

If you’re struggling to understand all your financial options or even keep your head above water, take a few minutes to read a booklet that will guide you through your financial issues.It will help you make good financial decisions – whether you’re sorting out your insurance and EQC payments, managing your everyday costs or getting your debts under control.

The booklet covers:

  • Things to think about when making your financial decisions
  • Tools and information to help you manage
  • Quick tips from the experts
  • Information on who to talk to and where to get financial advice

A checklist of quick tips

Tip: Print or download a copy of the checklist:

Checklist of quick tips (PDF 255.48 KB) (2 pages)

This two-page checklist of quick tips gives you some suggestions on whom to talk to and what questions to ask, and some useful tips from the experts.

Here are some of the quick tips on where to start:

  1. Talk to your insurance company and the Earthquake Commission (EQC) about the current status of your claim(s).
  2. Meet with your bank to discuss your options.
  3. Contact your lawyer to get legal advice (or find a lawyer if you don’t have one).
  4. Work out your current financial situation.
  5. Think about getting some financial advice to help in your decision making – read all about the free advice on offer in the flyer Free professional financial advice for Canterbury residents (PDF 402.96 KB).
  6. If you think you need more information or assistance – make an appointment to visit a CERA Earthquake Hub.

More support and information

Here’s more for Canterbury residents affected by the earthquakes, including information on: